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Fairy Christmas Special

Fairy Portrait Folio Special

Since Nikki didn’t do her annual Fairy Portrait Marathon, she has decided to open up 4 spots for her Fairy Folio Special.

This includes a beautiful leather folio featuring three artistically edited Fairy Portraits.

You also will receive 10 Fairy Christmas Cards featuring an image from your folio. You can add additional cards to your order if you wish for an added fee.

For full information on the Fairy Folio Special and how to book your spot, please visit our Product here. There are ONLY four spots, so if you want to take advantage of it I would hurry, these typically sell out in under a day!

Jeff and Andrea’s Kelowna Engagement Session

Jeff surprised his fiancé Andrea with an engagement session in Kelowna during a summer vacation.

We took our time and explored West Kelowna, visited vineyards, the beaches as well as a local nut farm.

These images are what is currently trending. In addition to classic photography styles, artistic styles, we also offer “What’s Trending” styles that you will see all over Instagram and other social media sites. Choose the type and style of editing you want for your images.

What’s Trending sessions are less expensive, you get all the digitals and the focus is on authentic connection and capturing moments, as opposed to creating art.

Starting at $299 for session + 8 images – book your Kelowna Engagement Session today!

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Cat Portraits Kelowna
Kelowna Pet photography is challenging, takes patience and will result in the most wonderful images of your fur baby that you could ask for. I will also edit or paint images of a pet that has passed, and print fine art versions for your wall.  Sometimes a pet is lost suddenly, and the heart break can be excruciating. Don’t let that happen to you, we will shoot outside or at your home or even formal in studio for your beloved pet.

We recommend having us come to your home for cats, but we have had some success with clients bringing in their baby for a studio session.

I had a lovely client contact me, the day her dog was due to be put down. She was devastated and really wanted one last image that could be painted. We rushed over to her house and took several lovely shots of her girl, but she was failing and we just couldn’t get the usual happy expression. I managed to paint an image of her that was more like the happy girl she was when she was younger and healthier.

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Kelowna Brand Make Over

Have you taken a look at your brand lately? Are you an entrepreneur and have outdated images, and need a new look? Maybe you don’t even realize you need brand make over.  If you would like to up your game, and put the best face forward you possibly can, we can help.  From photographing several images of you, that you can use for various medias, and environmental portraits that put you in your natural element and business interactions. Show your clients and potential clients what you daily and have your images show you in your best light. Don’t settle for a mundane head shot, these days with social media you MUST compete with the best brand possible. People are always drawn to the most professional imagery versus a bad brand.

Some of the things we can do:

  • If you are a Kelowna Realtor, we will create a brand showing images of you interacting over paperwork with your satisfied and happy clients
  • Kelowna Lawyers need to look knowledgable and warm, not stuffy and stale – we can place you in your office and have it look comfortable and yet focused
  • Maybe you are a Kelowna Judge or other professional and really want an incredible business portrait in your offices that show everyone the professional and subtleties of your profession and personality

We specialize in Kelowna Brands, we also provide the most incredible Business photography you can find in the valley.  Get in touch with us today to discuss your needs.

Kelowna Brand Make Over Kelowna brand make over

Fairy Art

Fairy Wall Portrait

Nikki Offers Fairy Portraits in the Kelowna Area year round. Fairy’s are Nikki’s signature line of art for little and big girls alike. Fairy Portraits for girls and women are some of the most ethereal and artistic portrait art that she produces on a regular basis. Nikki has been creating Fairy Portraits for over 10 year now, and they have evolved with her style and become more and more sought after by her clients, many traveling from other countries to commission their pieces. Nikki has had clients come at various stages of a girls life with many sessions.

If you want to create Fairy Art by Nikki, she offers them year round in Kelowna. Outdoor is done only in the Summer, in the early morning or the late afternoon. Studio is always preferable, and you can request a styled set, or a detailed composite.

Things to consider when preparing for your session:

  • Show your daughter(s) images so she understands what she is going to get
  • Make sure she/they/you are well rested and freshly clean for the session
  • Clean hair, down is best, along with clean faces and hands
  • Remove any nail polish
  • Don’t worry about bruises, scratches, or blemishes, these will all be fixed in post
  • We only have three sets of wings, and there simply isn’t enough room in an image for more than three subjects


Fairy Portraits are not just a magical image that you can have for your family and admire for years in the form of a wall portrait, it is also a fun and easy session!  If you want to have Nikki create a composite image, it involves putting multiple images together to create a story. You can request almost any scene you can dream up. Nikki will arrange an in home consultation, to determine where the best place to hang your images are, as well as make sure the style and colors will compliment the room or space you hang them.

After you portraits are complete and ready, Nikki will come back and give you the options for which type of wall product will bast suit the image, your space and style.

Baby Boy Portraits in Autumn

Kelowna Photographer creating cuteness overload! What a day! This little 15 month old boy was such a cute cherub! We couldn’t keep up with him though, he was running like crazy. We managed to get some cute shots, but it was a struggle.  Autumn is my favourite time of year to create outdoor portraits of little ones like this.  Hurry and book yours, this season lasts for so little time our opportunity will soon pass.

During your Session Consultation we will discuss locations, colors, and wardrobe. Even if your baby or child doesn’t want to settle in and pose quietly, we can still run around and take all the time required to get the cutest shots you will want to keep forever. Wardrobe is a very important part of the images we will create for you. We will discuss what you have and where to get anything else to go in line with the feel and look that you want. If you have parents or aunties and uncles, you might want to add in as many people as you want to make your session include as many people you love as you want.

Kelowna Baby Portraits

Tips for an easy fun session:

  • Make sure kids and baby are well rested
  • Bring wet ones to clean faces and runny noses prior to photography begins
  • Bring treats you can give the children for a job well done after the session
  • Plan your session time around when baby is most happy
  • Get to the location about 30 minutes early, so baby and kids don’t feel the need to explore as much before I arrive
  • We will discuss wardrobe, but one thing is for sure, no overwhelming bright colors, no patterns or logos
  • You are investing in timeless memories of your family, wardrobe will be very important
  • We will always have a rain day option

Styled Art Sessions

So many people ask me what is involved with a styled session. These are the heart and soul of my business. These are the images that stand out and are unlike any other photographers do. What ever era or theme or style you can dream up, I can help bring to reality. We use Pinterest Boards and various props, wardrobe and hair and make up to make these images come to life. You can be assured to have a one of a kind Nikki Harrison Art piece that you and your family will be sure to enjoy for generations to come.  Buy, borrow or rent your costumes for the set we design, or you are welcome to use any of my wardrobe, as long as it fits.

Have a concept idea or style in mind?  Call me.  I’m excited and happy to discuss any of your ideas and concepts to create for you, one of a kind art pieces.  Here is an example of a set I have designed for an upcoming client session.

With our initial telephone consultation, we will discuss your ideas, desires, concept, who you would like in the portraits with you.  We talk about dates for your session, what is involved and as well we will nail down the in person consultation at your home.  This consultation is offered to all my clients, and is not a step we can overlook. It allows me to visit your home and design your portraits based on the best place in your home, the colors and textures the will compliment.

Finally we will discuss the types of products and number of art pieces you think you may want and the range of prices that these cost. But don’t be mad at me if you love more than you decided to purchase.

To discuss feel free to contact me with your phone number so we can set up a telephone consultation to discuss all the details.

My styled sessions are only available for clients in the Kelowna area, or those clients willing to travel to me here in the Okanagan.

The Beautiful Woman

One of my passions in photography is capturing the beauty of women! I think everyone wants to photograph a gorgeous woman, and that is where I come in. To me, all women are beautiful, even if they don’t see themselves that way.  When we discuss your session you can decide if you want a beautifully retouched image, to let your already gorgeous features stand on their own, or you can decide to go for a more artistic look, where I can “push” in and paint, the things in your mind, that you don’t like.

Artistic Versions

Some women want to be smaller, and have a more “artistic” version done of themselves. This session includes styling and wardrobe from Nikki’s tickle trunk, if you desire. These images are created for your walls, and with a size and place in mind.

Beauty Photography

A beauty session will involve hair and make up – and styling. You will bring approximately 4-5 outfits for your session and we will have fun, take our time and create various looks that will allow you to have many images for your photo box or album to commemorate this time in your life.

These beauty sessions are really fun, and you can bring your mother, daughter, sister or best friend and create a day of it.

Engagement Photography

Kelowna engagement photography sessions can be so many different things. It really is all about YOU, what would you like to have as a memory? Candid shots in an urban setting? Beach engagement portraits? How about a themed portrait session where you get stunning images of you and your Prince Charming?

So you got engaged in another city, maybe you are getting married in Kelowna. If you are looking for unique or even just trendy engagement photography here in Kelowna, Nikki is the photographer for you. Choose from an album, a box or wall portraits to keep these new memories for the rest of your lives.

Nikki will design your session to reflect who you are as a couple, creating images that you will cherish for your entire relationship.

Contact us if you have special or unique ideas for your engagement images!

Kelowna Head Shots

Getting the perfect corporate portrait or head shot is not always easy. Nikki Harrison is an expert at creating the exact brand and look that you want to put forward for your business or professional role. Doctor’s, Lawyers, Judges, Real Estate Agent’s, Mortgage Professionals, Financial Planners, all require the best possible corporate portrait or head shot that they can get. You want to portray a sense of friendliness, approachability, professionalism and confidence.

I have been doing studio classic style head shots for many years. The key to having the best face you can present to the world is imperative to your brand. Have you ever seen a business card for someone providing a service, i.e. Realtor Head Shots, Mortgage Broker head shots, etc. and then when you meet them in person, they look nothing like the card?

Don’t let that happen to you. With the rise of online marketing, LinkedIn profiles and being able to appear to be professional, approachable and knowledgeable, having the best version of yourself out in the world is an essential part of your appearance.

Here are some examples of what a bad professional head shot looks like:

So what makes a good head shot?

Here are some key points to remember:

  • Seek out a photographer that has a proven body of work.
  • The best head shot or corporate head shot portraits in Kelowna are not cheap, in a world where there is a photographer on every corner, don’t fall for the “cheap” version of the most important face in your business, yours. The onus is clear, you get what you pay for!
  • Don’t wear any patterns, it is distracting away from the subject (you!)
  • For classic professionals, wear a white button up with a black blazer, avoid pin stripes
  • Have your hair and make up done by a professional – women
  • Be well rested

Here are some examples of what a good head shot looks like, the differences are clear. The images below show much more technically correct perspective, as well as the posing, facial expressions, and wardrobe choices are much better. The images below scream trust and professionalism. The images above do not.