Fairy Art

Fairy Wall Portrait

Nikki Offers Fairy Portraits in the Kelowna Area year round. Fairy’s are Nikki’s signature line of art for little and big girls alike. Fairy Portraits for girls and women are some of the most ethereal and artistic portrait art that she produces on a regular basis. Nikki has been creating Fairy Portraits for over 10 year now, and they have evolved with her style and become more and more sought after by her clients, many traveling from other countries to commission their pieces. Nikki has had clients come at various stages of a girls life with many sessions.

If you want to create Fairy Art by Nikki, she offers them year round in Kelowna. Outdoor is done only in the Summer, in the early morning or the late afternoon. Studio is always preferable, and you can request a styled set, or a detailed composite.

Things to consider when preparing for your session:

  • Show your daughter(s) images so she understands what she is going to get
  • Make sure she/they/you are well rested and freshly clean for the session
  • Clean hair, down is best, along with clean faces and hands
  • Remove any nail polish
  • Don’t worry about bruises, scratches, or blemishes, these will all be fixed in post
  • We only have three sets of wings, and there simply isn’t enough room in an image for more than three subjects


Fairy Portraits are not just a magical image that you can have for your family and admire for years in the form of a wall portrait, it is also a fun and easy session!  If you want to have Nikki create a composite image, it involves putting multiple images together to create a story. You can request almost any scene you can dream up. Nikki will arrange an in home consultation, to determine where the best place to hang your images are, as well as make sure the style and colors will compliment the room or space you hang them.

After you portraits are complete and ready, Nikki will come back and give you the options for which type of wall product will bast suit the image, your space and style.

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Chelsy Manchester - October 2, 2018

Hello, how much are fairy portraits? Curious if a unicorn be could be added in a fairy scene? 

    nikki - October 2, 2018

    There is so much more involved in the process! Send me your number via our contact form, we would be happy to call you to discuss our process. And yes, Unicorns can be involved!

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