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Getting the perfect corporate portrait or head shot is not always easy. Nikki Harrison is an expert at creating the exact brand and look that you want to put forward for your business or professional role. Doctor’s, Lawyers, Judges, Real Estate Agent’s, Mortgage Professionals, Financial Planners, all require the best possible corporate portrait or head shot that they can get. You want to portray a sense of friendliness, approachability, professionalism and confidence.

I have been doing studio classic style head shots for many years. The key to having the best face you can present to the world is imperative to your brand. Have you ever seen a business card for someone providing a service, i.e. Realtor Head Shots, Mortgage Broker head shots, etc. and then when you meet them in person, they look nothing like the card?

Don’t let that happen to you. With the rise of online marketing, LinkedIn profiles and being able to appear to be professional, approachable and knowledgeable, having the best version of yourself out in the world is an essential part of your appearance.

Here are some examples of what a bad professional head shot looks like:

So what makes a good head shot?

Here are some key points to remember:

  • Seek out a photographer that has a proven body of work.
  • The best head shot or corporate head shot portraits in Kelowna are not cheap, in a world where there is a photographer on every corner, don’t fall for the “cheap” version of the most important face in your business, yours. The onus is clear, you get what you pay for!
  • Don’t wear any patterns, it is distracting away from the subject (you!)
  • For classic professionals, wear a white button up with a black blazer, avoid pin stripes
  • Have your hair and make up done by a professional – women
  • Be well rested

Here are some examples of what a good head shot looks like, the differences are clear. The images below show much more technically correct perspective, as well as the posing, facial expressions, and wardrobe choices are much better. The images below scream trust and professionalism. The images above do not.


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