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The Beautiful Woman

One of my passions in photography is capturing the beauty of women! I think everyone wants to photograph a gorgeous woman, and that is where I come in. To me, all women are beautiful, even if they don’t see themselves that way. ¬†When we discuss your session you can decide if you want a beautifully retouched image, to let your already gorgeous features stand on their own, or you can decide to go for a more artistic look, where I can “push” in and paint, the things in your mind, that you don’t like.

Artistic Versions

Some women want to be smaller, and have a more “artistic” version done of themselves. This session includes styling and wardrobe from Nikki’s tickle trunk, if you desire. These images are created for your walls, and with a size and place in mind.

Beauty Photography

A beauty session will involve hair and make up – and styling. You will bring approximately 4-5 outfits for your session and we will have fun, take our time and create various looks that will allow you to have many images for your photo box or album to commemorate this time in your life.

These beauty sessions are really fun, and you can bring your mother, daughter, sister or best friend and create a day of it.