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High Return Investments to Look Out for in Canada

Low-risk investments are a great way to be guaranteed in receiving profits from the investment. The returns might be smaller than with high-risk investments, but you’ve got nothing to lose.

The types of investments on this list guarantee safe and high return profits and are all available in Canada.

Certificates of Deposit

CD investments are seen as some of the most valuable investments that are safe. It involves a certain time frame of investing which can not be broken and may take between one month or ten years. The investment amount can be drawn before the time frame has passed but with a penalty fee.

Having an emergency fund activated before investing in a CD investment can help you not draw the amount before the required time frame is up.

Guaranteed Investment Certificates

GIC investments work the same as CD as it requires a certain amount of time that the money needs to be invested. This is a good option if you know you will not be tempted to draw the invested amount in case of an emergency. A GIC investment can run from 1 to 5 years and provide a guarantee on your interest rate.

High-Interest Savings Account

HISA investments provide a high interest on your return and stand as one of the safest investments in Canada. With traditional saving accounts, you do not get the same savings rewards as with HISA accounts.

In Canada, the best option for acquiring a HISA investment is through an online bank rather than going for a brick-and-mortar bank as they have lower operating costs.

Corporate Bonds

Corporate Bonds are known to have high returns in Canada with low-risk profiles. Although it is a safe and highly valuable investment, there are some risks to consider when choosing to invest in corporate bonds.

The interest rate may not stay where it is and may go down, which will result in fewer profits. There is also a default risk which means if the company fails, you may lose your investment.

These investments are great for low-risk investments that can pay high-rate returns.